I present my Senior Thesis Work created in Spring 2016 at the University of the Arts. Thank you to my dancers, to my mentors, and mostly to my dear friend Lillian, without whom my activism would look quite different. Dancers: Elizabeth Dashiell, Stanley Glover, Marisa Illingworth, James Mertz, Gerard Minaya, Chloe Newton Music: Duke Ellington and his orchestra ft. Mahalia Jackson, Branford Marsalis, Audio clipping of a Black Lives Matter Protestor at a Trump rally

This clip is the beginning of my movement research for a solo I am creating. It is an extension of my senior thesis work at the University of the Arts. I'm not married to the song, but it is related to the music I am using for my thesis. I would like to remain using a jazz song in the final form. The title is a working title, but I would like to keep the no.2. I welcome any feedback! Movement by Libby Rush, Music by Duke Ellington and his Orchestra

These are excerpts from one of Doug's works I learned at the summer workshop in 2015. Choreography by Doug Varone